A new resource for climate action networking exists at greybruceclimateaction.ca where you will be able to find events, groups & businesses that will make an impact at a local level on climate change, as well as a new climate networking feature for Grey & Bruce counties.

As a follow up to the amazing Resilence Film by Liz Zetlin and John Anderson, GBSusNet is hosting regular gatherings at the Harmony Centre to support project development in response to climate change.

The Next Climate Action Meeting will be held 7pm Thursday Sept. 19th at the Harmony Centre at the corner of 4th Ave and 9th st. East in Owen Sound

A range of relevant topics and the structure of our organisation has already been discussed, if you’re interested, please check out our meeting minutes >> [MINUTES]

In the
May 30th meeting we agreed to call ourselves Climate Action Team Grey Bruce (CAT-BGOS) and we will adopt a logo (not yet created) to identify us in print and social media.

There was agreement on a growing need for an effective way for people to communicate online through a web site and a discussion about updating the GBSUSNET.COM site so that the public can count on it as a go to source of current information about Sustainable social projects. There are on going discussions on which software and phone apps might be used to centralize communications and a group member (A.S.) agreed to report back on ‘Hootsuite’ might manage all social media posts. 

An Initial group focused mainly on a forest garden concept. An Owen Sound neighbourhood group is already well formed and they expressed the need for doers to help with projects like tree planting.. We have lots of experts and now need people to help with the work.

There has been some discussion about wearable promotional items like Arm bands even the placement of non-partisan lawn signs as we approach another Federal Election, but no discussion as yet about the costs of these ventures.

Michael Den Tandt with help from Liz Zetlin has set up a Climate Action Facebook Group and administrators of the site have been established. On going Screenings of the Resilience Film will be announced here as will the ongoing City Hall Extinction Rebellion protests and all the Climate projects as they evolve. There has been some discussion about Podcasts (audio and video) which could be shared across social media, e-lists, website, etc.

Barry Randall of Grey-Bruce Sustainability Network has a master email list which we hope will be added to as time goes on. We have yet to determine how this will be used. Mailchimp is one option. We are hoping that as the Resilience film is shown in different communities that we may create a sub-group of emails for various CAT working groups. Through the currant series of meetings there has been a discussion and concern how to mobilize ideas and get them moving and how co-ordinated mail lists can be used to link Climate Action Groups Software. A group member will soon
be bringing details back to the group on how the online app ‘Hootsuite’ manage all social media posts.

will be contacting Political parties in the hopes of garnering their support and asking them to advise their members/contacts about the #FridaysForFuture petition and request that people show their support by attending the meeting approaching Owen Sound City Council. Details about this discussion are yet to be completed.

Extinction Rebellion members reported that an ongoing toy protest project will continue through the summer – toy figures with banners are installed in the Bleeding Carrot, OS Library so far; OS Library plans a display of books on green living and invited members of Extinction Rebellion to offer a presentation; there is a Facebook group.

Our Group is not an exclusive club! If you have an idea or proposals that will help lift our City, our Community, our Province or Country out of the current Climate Crisis, come and join us Online or in person. You can help change the Future.

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