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Transition Owen Sound (TOS)SC Meeting #1

Join us at our next regular meeting: Third Thursday of the month. 7:00 p.m., in Owen Sound. Please email for location details.

We are group of Owen Sound area folks concerned about the crisis of climate change who want to take action locally. We are using the successful model pioneered by the  Transition Town movement out of the UK. Some of us are also with 350 Grey-Bruce—Owen Sound, others are with GBSusNet, some are with neither. Together we constitute an informal “steering committee.” We meet on the third Thursday of the month. What we are steering toward is the founding of a local Transition group, whatever shape it may take. So, welcome. You are on the ground floor. Please join us in this positive, hopeful work.

Most members of the steering group are also working on specific programs and projects. Smaller projects include a sustainability resource centre, tree-planting, backyard chickens, plastic wrap collection and recycling, a youth gardening initiative, a documentary film, and more. We have a new group working to show support to the green bin organics collection idea in Owen Sound, which was actually approved, hit a setback and seems to be stalled.

Transition sees opportunities in networking, and building webs of connection. We see a role we can play in simply facilitating a local milieu, keeping events calendars, gathering data for local asset maps of who is doing what. Together we can look for synergies, and for ways we can support each other’s projects. Transition can create surfaces for people to meet on.

Five people and an idea can form a co-op and earn a revenue stream by which to create jobs and fund social change. Transition is about the economy, and about seeking resilience in a future of vastly less available and more expensive fossil fuels and plastics. It is also about looking for better ways to meet our needs locally today. Transition would like to help form co-ops here to enable us to directly build our local economy.  Good, green, democratic workplaces are things we have the power to create for ourselves, from whole cloth, any time. It’s in our hands, ours to do.

We hope to start a regular discussion and visioning group. Nothing is more practical than good ideas, unless it’s good parties to celebrate each other, our work and our achievements.

Hope to see you out.

Vision and Mission

Vision: An ecologically progressive Owen Sound and Area committed to reducing all its sources of greenhouse gases while positioning our community to better withstand the end of cheap fossil fuels.

Mission: Educate, bring people together, engage in projects to mitigate climate change and reduce our dependence on climate destructive practices.

Current Steering Committee Members  include:

Our thanks go to the Grey Bruce Sustainability Network (GBSusNet) for their help in temporarily hosting our web page, as well as assisting with the formation of the Steering Committee.

If you have questions about Transition Owen Sound* and/or would like to get involved, please email us at: info@transitionos.org.

Please visit our Transition Owen Sound Facebook page.

We are working on a new website. Can anyone help? We’re on a WordPress trajectory.

* Transition Owen Sound recently changed its name. Formerly it was Owen Sound Area Transition Town (OSATT).

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