Sustainability Asset Map Project

“Asset mapping is the process by a community inventories its assets and capabilities. The process can take many forms, but is a positive way of identifying both strengths and gaps and identifying a plan for moving forward.” Source:

The link below connects to an 18 page resource manual describing the Asset Mapping process. Similar to other definitions the “guide” focuses on community inventories of people, groups, organizations; identification of community goals, and facilitating the creation of new relationships that have potential to improve community well being.

Developing an Asset Map for a region as large and diverse as Grey Bruce would likely require an immense amount of time and energy if the desire was to explore each “community” in detail and provide a “map” that locals could use to assist in their community development process. Alternatively, the GB Asset Map could provide an overarching look at regional community assets that have the potential to be shared locally. A potential starting point for an AM Workplan could include the following steps:

Task 1 – Clearly define Asset Mapping Process; Inventory of groups, individuals, companies, municipalities, agencies that have some interest in sustainability. (social, economic, cultural and environmental pillars);

Task 2 – Identification of existing “communication vehicles” that facilitate information sharing between these assets. i.e, websites, newsletters, events, informal  gatherings, etc. Develop an interactive web based platform to facilitate new project development.

Task 3 – Identification of collaborative “projects” or communication techniques that could be used to foster new valued relationships in support of sustainability objectives.

Task 4 – Clearly define the role that GBSusNet and other partners play or could play in the further development of the “asset based” community development protocol in the future.

For the past several years, those involved with the GBSusNet have been engaged in the community development process.  We current have a list of “advisory committee” members; a mailing list of members and community contacts; a facebook group page with 30 members; a linkedIN page; a website; have hosted several community based meetings focussed on “social enterprise” and have a growing list of protect supporters. In other words, we are not starting from scratch.

A few starting  questions:

  • What other asset maps have been done for Grey Bruce? Health Unit? Counties?
  • Are there other partners that could be brought into the process i.e., Health Unit; Economic Dev’t Groups; Community Groups, counties; municipalities
  • Will our asset mapping process be easily adaptable for local communities?
  • What is required to maintain a relevant “map” into the future?
  • other?

The key intention of the Asset Map is to develop the Youth Portal and other communication vehicles to build an inventory of human, organizational and resource potential and facilitate relationships between organizations to expand collaborative project delivery capacity.

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