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2017 "World Cafe" Breakout Sessions

2017 “World Cafe” Breakout Sessions








Media Advisory: The Fall Food Gathering Returns to Grey Bruce

On Sept 20, 2018 the 2nd Annual Grey Bruce Fall Food Gathering will be held at the Harmony Centre in downtown Owen Sound. The Fall Food Gathering is an opportunity for all food system players to connect, collaborate, share, and learn. This year’s event recognizes the intersections between food, mental health, and the environment and seeks to bring stakeholders involved in these sectors together towards improving food security in Grey Bruce.

The event has grown from last year and will build on the success from past gatherings and the United Way’s biannual Food Bank Summit. Together these events have supported efforts for a food system that provides dignified access to food for everyone. By combining efforts, the Fall Food Gathering invites a broader involvement in food system issues.

Local leaders will speak about innovative programming successes in the community and providing services that are supportive of the mental wellbeing of clients, staff, and volunteers. Program and food sector leaders, community members, and food advocates are encouraged to join in the conversation. Registration can be completed through   FFG ’18 Registration    or by contacting Barry Randall (see below) Tickets are $20 or Pay What You Can.

Members of the media are invited to the event for photos and interviews. Guest speakers will present in the morning; Breakout discussions and group activities will be held from 12:30-3:30, including a lunch hour tour of the CMHA Food Forest and Gardens. Further program details are available on the registration website and www.gbsusnet.com .

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For more information:

Keynote Speakers

Alison Govier, Coordinator of the Community Drug & Alcohol

Dave Roy Program Director Addiction Services – Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)


Fall Food Gathering 2018, 2.1

Program (DRAFT)

Graphic Note Taker – Sue Seguin

9:00        Welcome and Introductions – Barry Randall, GBSusNet, Jaden Calvert, Food Security Action Group

  • Indigenous acknowledgement – Shirley John, Chippewa’s of Saugeen
  • Program Review – Jaden Calvert, Food Security Action Group (FSAG)

9:15        Allison Govier, Co-ordinator of Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy, CMHA

Dave Roy, Program Director of Addiction Services, CMHA

10:00     Food Security Action Group (FSAG) Update?  Jaden and Laura

  • Food Charter
  • Gleaning
  • Other?

10:15     Poverty Task Force Update – Jill Umbach

10:30     Active Break and other (coffee, etc., ) – Sue Seguin

10:45     ???? No United Way

11:30     Rapid Fire Speaker Session

  • Agri-food Map – Philly Markowitz, Grey County
  • Mary Anne Buehlow – Walkerton Food Bank – Foodland Meat Gleaning
  • Bruce Botanical Food Garden
  • ????

12:30     Lunch, CMHA Food Program

1:00        Food Forest Tour – Teresa Pearson

2:00        Breakout Discussion Sessions – back at Harmony Centre (table topics will be decided over lunch based on morning discussions)

3:30        Seed Saving Activity – Jaden Calvert

3:50        Closing Remarks.

Ok, here’s what happened on the DAY!
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The day began with an offering by Shirley John from Saugeen First Nations – truly inspiring and a great start to the day.

Allison Govier and Dave Roy from CMHA were the first presenters.

FFG 18 Allison Presi

The afternoon session included a review of Sue’s Graphic Notes as well as an opportunity to place “sticky notes” on a board expressing one’s top “several” priorities, actions and opportunities. Here’s are those notes…..

  • $$ and more $
  • transportation to access food resources
  • our western “throw away” society contributes to the loss of food which could be used includes best before and expiry dates
  • Find other sources of food e.g. Good Food Box program; tie into this for food banks (buy bulk)
  • free crock pots for families with limited kitchen tools
  • making things happen; Great Community Initiatives; Find a way to make it happen
  • Reach out for alternate ways to feed. eg., food banks prepared weekend take home packets for students
  • waste! how to prevent change the mindset against  best before dates
  • Prevention efforts to decrease rates of mental illness i.e, Nutrition in early years, prenatally and infancy
  • HUB — Resources — Food services
  • data that demonstrates the positive results  of health diets on mental health
  • the interconnections between mental health and the environment needs to be further discussed. Accessing nature is not likely a priority when going through crisis/harmful  experiences
  • more community gatherings
  • mobilizing “lay” supports (connecting)
  • community conversations
  • access to food, lack of transporation
  • one place…a HUB… to donate; learn to cook; taste our 60 vegetables
  • taking courses on mental health to “be present” a little more
  • Freshi offers 50% off catering to non profit orgs
  • share you skills and use you population’s skills
  • diversity within grey Bruce; Addictions – Mental health — Need (bruce peninsula)
  • My first priority is to develop a Therapeutic Relationship with residents = Therapeutic Alliance
  • poverty is the root of food insecurity and homelessness – GOV’t !!
  • connecting resources
  • Freshi – pay it forward
  • See the person – Caring for the internal person/soul is so crucial to helping with the food, poverty, addiction, stress, housing….
  • mental health experience
  • Improved access to good quality food for  all
  • promoting non-judgmental dignified access to food
  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan new book: “You Can Fix Your Brain”
  • parents skipping meals to feed their children
  • I see you, I hear you, = Worthiness
  • Sawubona
  • FFG #3 2019


The final commentary for the day centered on the need and support for these kinds of gatherings even more often that once a year. It was noted that the Food Security Access Group meets monthly and would be a good place for anyone interested in these issues to attend. follow the link below to get connected.

Food Security Action Group


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