Film Plastics Recycling Project

The Municipality of Brockton is committed to maximizing the lives of its landfill site as a way of reducing landfill costs and enhancing protection of the environment. To that end, Brockton continues to develop new landfill diversion programs that preserve landfill capacity while ensuring diverted materials are routed to the appropriate recycling and reuse programs. Recent diversion and recycling programs have included e-waste; styrofoam; clamshell plastics; used clothing; agricultural bale wrap; additional scrap metal depot; binder deconstruction; landfill reuse trailer and mattress deconstruction. All of these programs have been widely embraced by the public and have resulted in a significant diversion of materials from local landfills. This report will briefly profile Brockton’s new pilot project, designed to collect and recycling film plastics. The report is authored by Grey Bruce Sustainability Network with financial assistance from Bruce Power.


Please click on the RED links below for the various reports on the Brockton based Film Plastic Recycling Pilot project

Brockton Film Plastic Recycling Project Report Final

Since this report, a depot has been established at the MTO  yard in Walkerton and is currently receiving film plastics.  A progress report will be released in Fall 2014

Brockton's First Bale of recycled film plastic collected at their depot in Walkerton

Brockton’s First Bale of recycled film plastic collected at their depot in Walkerton


Flim Plastics Report Phase 2 sept 14

Brockton 2016 Film Plastics Reportplastic Bale

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