NOTE: A new resource for climate action networking exists at where you will be able to find events, groups & businesses that will make an impact at a local level on climate change, as well as a new climate networking feature for Grey & Bruce counties.

As a follow up to the amazing Resilience Film by Liz Zetlin and John Anderson, GBSusNet is hosting regular gatherings at the Harmony Centre to support project development in response to climate change.

The Next Climate Action Meeting will be held 7pm Thursday Sept. 17th over Zoom. Please email for a link if you live in Grey-Bruce and would like to take part.

A range of relevant topics and the structure of our organization has already been discussed, if you’re interested, please check out our meeting minutes >> [MINUTES]

Primarily, CAT Grey Bruce communicates by Email. You can join our newsletter distribution list by clicking here:

Michael Den Tandt with help from Liz Zetlin has set up a Climate Action Facebook Group and administrators of the site have been established. Upcoming screenings of the Resilience Film as well as all the Climate projects as they evolve.

To connect with this group outside of meeting times, Please join our chat team called “worktogether” on the Keybase app.

Instructional Video here:

Our Group is not an exclusive club! If you have an idea or proposals that will help lift our City, our Community, our Province or Country out of the current Climate Crisis, come and join us On Facebook or On Keybase or via Email, or when the time comes, in person. You can help change the Future.

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