6/6/2019 Climate Action Meeting Minutes


Communications sub-group meeting June 6th,2019


Present: Bruce Brown, Liz Zetlin, Aimee Sturley, Marianne Alton, Brian Minielli, Marilyn Struthers, Danuta Valleau (minutes)

1)Group communication strategies:

Internal – needs to be available to all members of committee, collaborative space to post material and information, to keep members in the loop? Action: B.M. will investigate options and report back to group. Eg. Slack software, online meeting spaces were discussed. External – to CAT BGOS managed e-mail list; on website (GB Sustainability Network); FB page: Climate Action Team (CAT) Grey Bruce. Join and share publicly.

Other options: Newsletter; Instagram, Twitter

For further discussion: How to mobilize current ideas and get them going. Standard form for e-mail list. How to link groups.

Software and phone app ‘Hootsuite’ manages all social media posts. Action: A.S. will bring details back to the group.

Resiliency film ↔ communication tool

Actions ↔ when and where

2)Extinction Rebellion report: Ongoing toy protest project to go through the summer – toy figures with banners installed in Bleeding Carrot, OS Library so far; OS Library plans a display of books on green living and invited members of ER to offer a presentation; there is a FB group.

3) Engagement:

Strategies to get people on e-mail list to access FB group/website: -target e-mail to increase participation with links to FB/website; ask people to post using #CAT using messaging, eg. I’m inspired to ______. One thing I would tell someone about is __________.

Following screenings of film: as a closing action (final screen shot) ask audience to turn their phones on, access FB group and join, and post responses.

RE: Email list – currently maintained by L.Z. who transcribes new entries and sends these to B.R. for inclusion. For discussion at next meeting: Management of email list and how to best use it. Policy on messaging – response, thank you for signing up. Needed: someone to take on management of email list.

Next Meeting: Thursday June 13th 7 PM at Harmony Centre, 890 4th Ave. E. Owen Sound

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