Aug 1, 2019 CAT Communications Meeting Minutes

August 1, 2019

Harmony Center, Owen Sound

July 11th minutes: no objections.

Communicating with City:

  • public question period follow-up: at July 15th council meeting our question was dismissed and not answered, we were directed by Mayor Ian Boddy to make a deputation to Operations Committee. The deputation date set for August has been deferred to give us more time to plan.
  • invite City staff (from Environmental Services/Public Works) to attend CAT CC meeting to tell us about their existing actions/plans related to climate change .
  • approach Directors of Depts individually to set up meetings re: what we would ask of them/what they are doing
  • develop key relationships with peer municipalities and Grey County and take time to find out what has already been done/current projects (eg. Climate-Conscious Grey:Developing a Climate Change Action Plan in

Grey County, Ontario – report prepared by University of Guelph, Apr 2019) – explore what is happening regionally

  • RE: Ian Boddy’s response to letter in The Hub listing actions related to climate change: provincially mandated? – City of O.S. lacks an effective communication plan to engage and inform its citizens – what Federal/Provincial funding has the municipality received? Eg. $117,636 in staffing grants from FCM Climate Change to research and create Climate Adaptation Plan, shared with Grey Sauble Conservation Authority

Decision: Invite City staff to a September meeting date (Sept 5th or Sept 12th) of CAT Communications Group for an informal presentation and to answer questions from the group. Invite Barry, and members of other CAT working groups to attend. (Liz will initiate) No objections.

Collective Approach: what do we want?

  • City to create Climate Action Committee which includes key members of the public
  • for City to follow process established for/by other municipalities (Ref: Grey Highlands; Kingston; Federation of Canadian Municipalities: Partners for Climate Protection; Rural Municipalities of Ontario)
  • to work together to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Discussion: – need innovative ways to seek support from City for CAP and CAC – compile list of potential climate mitigation actions? – educational campaign around debate re need for CAP/CAC? –

Decisions: Invite Dennis Kefalas, Director of Public Works and Environmental Services to a meeting to ask how we can get support for above. (Liz)

Establish Google Docs site for posting information/reference documents CAT members can easily access and share link. (Danuta)

Plan questions for September meeting presentation from City staff. (all)

Whole group meetings: suggestions for going forward

(background discussion: these public meetings do not represent a formal group that can effectively make decisions and move on past meetings – this is happening in the committees now – different people show up each time to CAT meetings – it can be chaotic – to be engaged, attendees need specific and relevant things to do/participate in/learn from )

  • Educational components: Speakers – representatives from other Climate Action groups (West Grey, Grey Highlands) – local gov’t reps (City Councils, Grey County) – others (Neighbourhoods North) –– panel discussions
  • Check-in process: form small groups (of 5) to streamline process and assist people to meet each other. Simple structure.
  • Continue brief updates from working groups
  • Review structure and decision making process – evaluation of 3 month terms and extending this. Process of consent still needs to be adopted (with no objections).
  • Form letter writing network (group of 20 to 50 who would write a letter once a month). Local issues or wider range. Identify issue and 3 or 4 points to make. Create a document to assist format, make it easy to write a personal letter. (proposed by Michael based on his experience with Amnesty International)

Meeting closed at 9 PM

Next meeting of CAT: August 22nd and of CAT Communications Group: Sept 5th or 12th depending on speaker availability.

Minutes by Danuta Valleau

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