July 25, 2019 Climate Action Team Meeting Minutes

July 25, 2019 Minutes CAT BGOS


Minutes of last meeting June 27th reviewed and accepted by members who were present.

Presentation: Colleen Purdon invited to talk to whole group about her experience with group structure working together for change, referenced from a group process adopted by Violence Against Women movement, working for social change. We broke into small groups to list: ‘Key Things for Working Together’ or ‘What is our purpose? What do we want to accomplish?’ She emphasized the importance of discussion and ‘working where the energy is’, ‘realizing audacious ideas’, the need for a shared sense of purpose., building the road as we go.

Report from Climate Action Now Network (FB page: climate action group of the Blue Mountains) – Report from 4 members present: Purpose: to promote awareness and ACTION. Four working groups have so far been formed – Housing; Food waste; Trees; Plastics .

Strategy to connect with local politicians. The importance of interacting with municipal governments.

Activities: ‘fact finding forays’- doable activity that promotes awareness and discussion.

Youth engagement: necessary to have support of parents/schools. Young people generally need specific things to do like community projects where they can become engaged.

CAT Committee updates:

  • Communications – drafted notice for tonights meeting and sent out by MailChimp to wider email list in effort to reengage members who attended first meeting in May – Questions to Council: drafted two questions to ask at July 15th City of O.S. Council Meeting. First question asked and Mayor responded that he would not answer that question and group is directed to instead make deputation to Operations Committee. Director of Operations suggested information session for members on what the Council is doing. – proposed Mission Statement: available on gbsusnet.com/climateactionteam for comments – re: decision making using Consent Model: Communications Committee has adopted this for its meetings and proposes that CAT GBOS do the same.

Consent Model for group decision making (presented by Marilyn Struthers): distinct from Majority Rules and from Consensus Models. Instead of asking for agreement, group members are asked if there are any objections. If no one objects, group moves forward. If objections are outstanding, they need to be examined to find resolution. Issues can be taken up by sub-group to bring back to whole group. Advantage: brings forward everyone’s views.

Discussion on Roberts Rules: standard for formal meetings – decisions made by majority – intended for groups with obligations to follow standard processes

Outcome: no clear decision made to adopt Consent Model at this time, for further discussion, objections?

  • Waste Management (presented by Barrie) Group has consensus to focus on composting, program to address food waste in Owen Sound – another initiative includes Styrofoam Densifier that can be purchased by community/business.
  • Extinction Rebellion (presented by Aimee) – members that initiated this project are no longer present – goal of Extinction Rebellion Movement (world-wide) is to target commitment from governments to achieve zero emissions by 2050, with guidance from nonpartisan citizens assembly. Direct action is one of the principle tools. To continue as a subgroup of CAT GBOS , members are needed to support this group.

Discussion: whole group can become involved with any direct action organized by an Extinction Rebellion working group.

  • Political Action: Current plan is to pick up on student’s petition, taking it to the Saturday Owen Sound Farmers Market to get more signatures. Changed the word ‘declare’ to ‘publicly acknowledge’ a climate emergency. Although the petition says Owen Sound, people beyond O.S. should also be able to sign this petition in support of this effort.

Discussion: when a ‘climate emergency’ is acknowledged, what’s next? Implied is a process that follows – Grey Highlands has created a Citizens Assembly – development of Climate Action Plan based on priorities.

Those present who are interested in forming new groups eg: interest in renewable energy, are invited to meet together afterwards.

Future Meetings: CAT GBOS will continue to meet monthly on 3rd Thursday.

Sub-groups continue to arrange their meetings in between or could meet half an hour before start of main meetings

Harmony Centre: Reminder that cost for meeting space is donation from each person of minimum of $2 .

Next Meeting of CAT BGOS: Aug 22nd7 PM at Harmony Centre

Minutes by Danuta Valleau

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