June 13, 2019 Climate Action Meeting Minutes

CAT meeting minutes -June 13,2019
We started out with a round of introductions. Those present were B.
Randall, Vitold Kreuzer, Alex Messerschmidt, Liz Zetlin, D. Walton, Brian
Manilly, Marie ? , Bruce Brown,Logan ?, Danuta ? and Marilyn Struthers.
Danuta chaired the meeting and D. Walton took the minutes.
Danuta asked if we wanted to break into small groups right away and come
back together at the end of the meeting. The group agreed to going to
small groups.The groups are as follows- communications, waste
management Extinction Rebellion,renewable energy, measuring
greenhouse gas emissions(suggested by Barry) and food sustainability and
security(suggested by Vitold).
We only had 2 groups meeting( communication and waste management).
Waste Management
B. Randall,A Messerschmidt, Logan ?,V. Kreuzer and D. Walton
D Walton reported on last weeks ideas that were talked about.
Barry reported that Walkerton is working to be a zero waste community,
Meaford has green bin pickup and he is working with the zero waste
committee at Summerfolk.
Alex brought up the idea of bokashi composting that can work for people in
apartments. Logan also does this type of composting.
Other ideas- neighbourhood compost pickup
-educate people about zero waste
-have a pilot project with a farmer taking organic waste from an
-don’t buy plastic
-has Owen Sound done a waste audit(DW to check into)
-educate people about individual actions to reduce waste
-concentrate on reduce and reuse
-attend Public works committee meetings
-implement full cost accounting
-Community supported composting

  • composting workshops

We decided that the goal of our committee was to make Owen Sound a
zero waste community. Members of the committee are to research
strategies to reach the goal of zero waste so that we can go to the city with
solutions. Alex and Logan are researching composting options.
We reconvened and reported from the waste management committee and
Danuta reported from the communications committee (her report will be
Marie? discussed her personal initiative on facebook ( making a challenge ,
sharing what is working and asking for help to reduce garbage and
decrease our carbon footprint).
The arm band group may be revived
Danuta and D Walton will send the minutes to Bruce Brown to put on the
website for other members to review.

Here are the minutes collected by Danuta

Minutes of Comunications SubCommitee JUNE 13, 2019
Present: Liz Zetlin (Chair), Marilyn Struthers, Brian Minielli , Marie Knapp, Bruce Brown, Logan, Danuta
1)Report by Brian on options for internal communication platform: summarized group needs into three
 Filing cabinet – for docs, projects in progress, minutes etc
 Library – resources, links etc
 Communication tool – work in progress, collaboration
Brian distributed a handout that lists various platforms, some that cost money, others that are free,
their different applications.

Action: Danuta will consult with Zoe Thurling about e-mail list management and
applications that enable separation into groups by interest/ location/ etc
Bruce: Minutes are currently posted in subfolder ( Go to meeting) of Climate Action Team under Projects
on Grey Bruce SusNet Website.

2)Proposal by Marie for immediate action personally and at home: to make a commitment to do one
thing for a month that will make a change in lifestyle habits. To add changes each month once the first
has been achieved. To make this exercise public on FB (Climate Action Team GB) and encourage others
who are interested to share tips, helpful resources, to enable a public conversation.
Participants are asked to share this widely and with other community group pages such as Owen Sound
Waste Watchers and Peace and Justice Grey Bruce.

3)Summerfolk: Green Team is looking for volunteers to help make Summerfolk zero waste. Contact
Barry Randall.

Next meeting: Thursday June 20 th , Harmony Center, 7 PM.

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