June 20, 2019 Climate action Minutes

Climate Action Team – Grey Bruce. Minutes, June 20, 2019 meeting.
Meeting begins at 7:05 p.m.
Present: Ole Benstem, Barry Randall, Zoe Thurling, Linda Kellner-Miller, Aimée Sturlee, Liz
Zetlin, Bob Hope, Michael Den Tandt, Michael Craig, David Walton, Bruce Brown, Danuta
Valleau, David Ross, Sonja Ostertag, Logan Zvorygin, Jane Jamieson.
Barry introduced the group to the aims of CAT – practical action, projects on the ground that
are local in focus.
General discussion of minutes – they will be located on Grey Bruce Sustainability Network
website. Barry Randall is proposing to the GreyBruce Susnet board that the climate action team
be a project of GBsusnet. Agreed that minutes from here on will be sent to Bruce Brown, after
being vetted by the chair of the whole group (for these minutes) and the chairs of sub-groups.
Sonia asked if the CAT is part of a wider network – Barry said no, not beyond the GB
Sustainability network.
Barry said CAT has evolved from 350.org, and Transition, and this group is an evolution from
those groups and a follow up to the Resilience documentary by Liz Zetlin and John Anderson.
Barry said meeting process is to review what we’ve done in past, set agenda for current
meeting, have a group discussion, then break into smaller groups working on specific areas and
then report back to the group as a whole.
Logan proposed that sustainable living be added as a working group.
Ole proposed his Petition to City Hall re a climate emergency be added as a group.
Extinction Rebellion was added as a discussion area by general agreement.
Bob proposed adding natural burial for Owen Sound as an agenda item.
Ole updated the group on the climate emergency petition. He said he’d requested a
deputation. But doesn’t have a date yet to present. He’s running out of time as he’s leaving in a
Zoe proposed we take the petition to city’s operations committee.


June 20, 2019. CAT Grey-Bruce. Communications committee.
Meeting opens 7:50 pm.
Present: Liz Zetlin, Danuta Valleau, Bob Hope, Michael Den Tandt (minutes)
Liz presented a proposal for discussion to the committee for communication vehicles, dividing
them into three categories based on Brian Minielli’s recommendation: telephone video, a
library, and file folders for minutes, agendas and reports. Mailchimp is recommended. email
lists and newsletter distribution.
Zoom is a free video chat. Unlimited time for one-on-one chats. Very easy to use. Works well
with bad internet connection. Proposed this be our main means of video chatting.
Slack and Discord were also raised, as well as Telegram.
Liz said if people aren’t happy with Zoom we could go to other options. But recommended we
use Zoom for videoconferencing. If there are more than 2 people, there’s a 40 minute time
This would be a place to store all resources. Suggestion is that would be done on GreyBruce
Susnet’s WordPress site. Suggested Bruce Brown be the administrator. Library could be public.
CAT Minutes
The recommended process:
 draft minutes go to the chair for review and revising
 then to Bruce for uploading to the GreyBruce Susnet’s website before the next meeting.
 Danuta proposed Tuesday as the day minutes are posted – two days before the
 An email to the CAT elist should be sent to advise of the next meeting and mention that
the draft minutes are available for review on the GreyBruce Susnet site.
 Then the minutes are approved at the next meeting.
 Minutes will not be printed.
 Agreed that this process should apply to the communications committee meeting and
other sub-committees as well as the larger CAT group.
CAT Email lists and newsletter
Mailchimp is now set up. Ken Dow secured a domain name: www.catbgos.ca. People can sign
up to the email list from their mobile or desktop devices. Anyone can go to
http://signup.catbgos.ca and enter their name, email, and municipality, and you’re
automatically subscribed.

Mailchimp will be set up to send to specific groups, e.g. CAT participants and nodes. For
example, each screening venue will be a node. So far we have elists from the Roxy premiere,
Wiarton, Thornbury and Flesherton.
CAT meeting communications and structure
Danuta suggested various groups need to come together after breakout and share the work of
the committees.
Michael said we should consider setting up a formal organizational structure. To ensure the
meetings are organized and consistent.
Liz and Danuta volunteered to be chair and secretary respectively for communications
Liz said we should focus on the climate emergency petition – getting it to council – and that Ole
should do a one-minute video to introduce the petition to council.
The group agreed to propose two motions to the whole group:
 the process for minute-taking and communications of minutes, election of an executive
for CAT;
 plan a meeting, including chairs of each committee and CAT chair, to discuss a strategy
for CAT:
o what should CAT focus on?
o develop a strategy, including mission, vision, goals, objectives

Liz will revise the communications’ vehicles proposal based on the group’s suggestions and
bring it to the next week.
At 8:50 pm Communications committee adjourns to return to general CAT meeting.

Action steps collected at end of June 20th 2019 Meeting

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