June 27, 2019 Climate action Minutes

Another productive meeting was held from 7pm to 9pm at the Harmony Centre, Owen Sound.
It was decided by the evening’s participants to change, slightly, the format for providing the Meeting Minutes. As soon as this night’s meeting minutes were transcribed, the draft was e-mailed to all this evening’s attendees to give them a chance to approve or modify the record of the proceedings. The Minutes will be presented for approval at our next gathering, same time and place on July 25th, 2019. They will then be added to this website as a historical record.

(The following are the June 27th minutes of the Communication Committee approved at a meeting of this sub-committee held July 11 at the Harmony Centre at 7 – 9 pm)



June 27, 2019 Communications Committee Minutes

Present: Bruce Brown, Brian Minielly, Liz Zetlin (chair), Mary Anne Alton, Danuta Valleau (minutes)

Hoot Suite too expensive as communication tool for use of our group (report from Brian M)

Need to reengage the whole group (approx 70 attended original meeting on May 16th ): review items that came up at that first meeting, draft notice titled ‘Save the Date’ for next meeting on July 25th with proposed agenda and report on sub-groups, need content person for statement: Mary Anne will ask Michael DT to draft and send statement to Liz Z to forward out.

Work by e-mail to draft questions to ask at Council meetings.

Each group needs to develop their own objectives, goals, timelines that are specific.

Screenings of film: Report number of attendees and screenings at CAT BGOS meeting

Report on other local groups: Thornbury – 17 met and formed 5 action groups(meeting monthly); Wiarton (meets monthly)

Next meeting of Communications Committee: July 11th 7 PM


1. Review draft Mission/Vision/Goals and Objectives prepared by Danuta.
You can review it here: http://gbsusnet.com/ – 1) Go to the top of the home page. 2) Click on the Projects drop down menu 3) Select “Climate Action Team” 4) Click on”draft working documents”

2. Develop questions to ask Grey Bruce county and municipal councils at their public question periods.

Zoe Thurling asked Owen Sound Councilors “Is there a climate crisis?”

CAT (the whole group) agreed this was an effective approach for raising awareness and working towards the declaration of a climate crisis (or emergency) at municipal/county levels.

3. Managing Communications with Mailchimp. Volunteers needed to enter data and write content for the CAT newsletter Tutoring available

4. Other business

Bring your ideas

Liz Zetlin


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