Transcribed by Marie Knapp

Hi Barry,
Here are my summary notes from last night.
People would like to have notes go out early in the week to help them organize for next Thursday meeting.
Bruce would like to meet with you’re the web site.

Ten people came plus Leigh and I
We did brief introductions then worked together to determine three small groups.
We spent about 25 minutes in these groups then people were free to move to another to contribute. 
We spent last part  a summary and suggestions for next week

Group A. Communications via internet
Initial group was Marilyn Struthers, BruceBrown and Danuta Valleau.
There was dialogue among them basically discussing and agreeing on a growing need for an effective way for people to communicate online through a web site. Talked about updating GBSUSNET site.  Bruce is anxious to discuss this with Barry.

Group B.  Trees and forest gardens.
Initial group was Jane, Loyd, Chris and Logan.
Mostly focused on forest garden concept. Neighbourhood group already well formed. Generally expressed need for doers. We have lots of experts. Now need people todo the work.

Group C. Communication via armbandsor may be called sleeves.
PatrickMullin, Gord Edwards and Oli
Patrick is anxious to get this going. Needs to research local production and possible funding.

General discussion
Emphasized Need for regular Thursday night gathering 7to9 
Known location and time so people will come when they can
Want to have more people present.

Oli will run the gathering based on protocol used by Extinction Rebellion
What have people done this week?
Patrick will share his findings re the armband with a possible solid example
Would like to know what Anne Findlay Stewart has come up with so far re lawn signs
Possible Discussion re a poster with 6 things I can do for the climate.
Discussion re a short needs survey online 

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