Resilience Film Follow-up May 16, 2019

Following the First Screening of the film on May 16, 2019, the Audience and all interested Parties were invited to contribute their ideas and thoughts at the first meeting of the new Climate Action Group (CAT) held at the Harmony Centre on 4th ave. and 9th st. East Owen Sound. A large group filled the hall and many new ideas were presented.

Extensive notes were collected during the meeting and are summarized below

Climate Action Team (CAT) Meeting –
Harmony Centre, Owen Sound
One week after film showing in Owen Sound.
Notes taken by Beth Anne Currie (flip chart) Transcribed (word doc) by Barry Randall
What do we need?

  1. Communication Corridor/Networks via The OS Hub (AFStewart) write something; create a
    “climate” category? Platforms are important (social media; websites)
  2. Promote the film: Resilience; screening opportunities “coast to coast” i.e., Whitehorse BC. (J.
  3. Patrick Mulllen – plastic bags at no frills; Talk to people; Arm Bands/Bandits!
  4. Chris Sharhaut – Walter’s Falls; Tree Nursery Stock abandoned? Can we get those trees; Lloyd
    Lewis is aware of trees; program shut down in 2-5 years.
  5. Mike D. Wants to connect trees to farmers
  6. Sue Seguin – Conservation Cafe structures/world cafe/dioramas – moving things foward – action
  7. Logan – Mind – New Earth Vibration; compassion; meditation; at Tannery Centre
  8. Lauren – Conversations breakdown; social services; stress reduction; social awareness; self
    management; are able to have conversations when we disagree; connected to Me2We
  9. Grief – M. Struthers – esp-Grief to Action- Contact Liz Zetlin
  10. Recycling – not happening – contaminated food – project to get schools recycling.
  11. Green Team Volunteers needed for Summerfolk Zero waste program
  12. Green Bins – organic recycling for residential pick up in Owen Sound (see meaford)
  13. Waste Avoidance
  14. Grown in Grey – revitalize the brand; regenerative agriculture; soil rejuvenation
  15. Armbands + Extinction Rebellion (int’l LOGO recognized) see fb post via gbsusnet.
  16. Seed Banks – see library folk
  17. Goats on Maui – Protecting tree lines on farms in Grey Bruce; citizen groups could maintain
    fence lines.
  18. Declare a climate emergency in Owen Sound; green jobs; transition opportunities from fossil
  19. Blue Community water protection
  20. Dr. Robert Pollin paper on Green Jobs
  21. Debate, Practice, Listen Listen Listen
  22. 35-40% do not think this is an issue. Local evidence of climate change to share!

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