Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) Plans

Why do these plans?

gas plant

The Gasification Plant at Walkerton Waste Water Treatment Plant

Municipalities have a key role to play in raising awareness about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and the role these gases have in contributing to increased climate change. Although the various operations and facilities owned by the Municipality (arenas, community centres, water and waste water treatment plants, landfill sites) represent a small fraction of the GHG emissions across the average community (industrial, commercial, residential and institutional) municipalities can demonstrate a leadership role by completing and implementing their own ECDM Plans.

Ontario municipalities are required to submit an ECDM Plan to the province and submit data each year that tracks the various levels of fuel consumption from their energy using facilities and operations. Beyond that, it is up to the local municipality to implement the plan, track the data, report on anomalies, track actions, and all the other things related to plan implementation. Unfortunately, many smaller, rural municipalities (Grey Bruce) do not have the staff “energy” to do anything but the basic plan.

In partnership with Bruce Power, the municipality of Brockton has engaged GBSusNet to update their ECDMPlan and to make recommendations as to next steps, in order to ensure the plan has some impact.

Below are the reports, ppt. and appendices that represent the work done by GBSusNet and accepted by the Municipality of Brockton.

As of February 2017, talks are ongoing as to future opportunities for public, private partnerships and social enterprise to expand the capacity of the local municipality to get needed work done.

Thanks to the sponsors for their support. page_Brockton_Logo_41BP_logo

Brockton ECDM Final Report draft Jan 18 Ver

Brockton ECDM Final Report draft Jan 18 Ver Brockton ECDM App#3, #4, #5.

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