Thanks to the folks at Bruce Power for there ongoing support of many GBSusNet Projects.

Thanks to the folks at Bruce Power for there ongoing support of many GBSusNet Projects.

Thanks to Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting our WaterWORKS and Waterlution Events.

Thanks to Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting our WaterWORKS and Waterlution Events.

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Thanks to OPG for their support for WaterWORKS and EnergyWORKS events. 


In addition to the regional networking mandate across Grey and Bruce Counties, GBSusNet facilitates the creation and delivery of projects in local communities.  If you have project that contributes to community sustainability under any of the four pillars, make a proposal to the Board and make it happen. Here’s a few of the projects we have been working on:

FoodWORKS 2012 at Walkerton District Community School

  • CareerWORKS – is the umbrella name for an ongoing series of day-long workshops that get high school students out of class and exposes them to career opportunities in various local themes.
      • WaterWORKS


      • FoodWORKS


    • EnergyWORKS
  • Sustainability Asset Map (SAM)
  • Sustainable Living Workshops (SLW)
  • Collective Coffeehouse Series (CCS)
  • Internship Project
  • Binder Deconstruction Project
  • Composting Pilot Project
  • Film Plastics Pilot Project
  • Senior’s e-Waste Deconstruction Project
  • Partners for Climate Protection Project

Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) and Municipal Energy Planning (MEP)

For 20 years the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has hosted a program called Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) which is designed to engage municipalities in the process of implementing actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and measuring the results of these actions. Our research shows that The Town of Blue Mountains (Completed Milestone 1) and Brockton have signed up for the program. GBSusNet has been engaged by Brockton to assist in the completion of Milestones 1-4 of the PCP Protocol. Check out the following link. Partners for Climate Protection

Senior’s e-waste Recycling Project

GBSusNet in partnership with Brockton’s EAC, Walkerton Community Living and Brucelea Haven Long Term Care Home is developing an electronic waste deconstruction program with financial support from Community Foundation Grey Bruce. The aim of this project is to re-kindle some of the mechanical skills developed over a lifetime by the male residents of Brucelea Haven. This project will engage residents both physically and cognitively in an activity that will benefit multiple sectors of the community. Members of Walkerton’s Community Living workforce will assist with the collection of e-waste which will then be deconstructed by residents of Brucelea Haven. The deconstructed e-waste components will then be utilized to rehabilitate aging commuter systems as well as providing supplies for multi-media art projects at local schools. Remaining components will be appropriately recycled. The logistics and success of this program will be documented and profiled with the goal of replication in other regional senior’s facilities.


5 CareerWORKS events were hosted in the spring of 2015 at schools in Walkerton, Hanover, Kincardine and Port Elgin. Energy, Water and Food were the three themes that provided the core topics for these day-long career based experiences. Students, teachers and the host businesses continue to “praise” the program for its uniqueness and importance in exposing youth to opportunities in their own communities for future meaningful work. Thanks to Bruce Power, Ontario Power Generation and Enbridge for their support of this series. 5 additional events will be hosted in the fall of 2015.

Tour of the Enbridge Wind Farm

Tour of the Enbridge Wind Farm


Soil samples were part of the foodWORKS program in Walkerton. Thanks to Saugeen Conservation and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for their participation in FoodWORKS!





Binder De-Construction Project

This project continues to employ local Walkerton Community Living clients to ‘de-construction” used binders into their constituent parts (steel, quality cardboard and plastic) and distribute the materials for recycling or for art projects in local schools. Thanks to Bruce Power for their continued support of the project and for their used binders!

Composting Pilot Project

GBSusNet is a “social enterprise” business and a provincial not-for-profit corporation

In partnership with Brockton’s EAC and Bruce Power, GBSusNet is in the process of developing a residential organics diversion program. Waste audits have revealed that approximately 40% of Brockton’s residential waste is comprised of organic material which consumes valuable landfill capacity and generates harmful greenhouse gases. The goal of this project is to not only divert organics from regional landfills buy also to create employment and produce a valuable bi-product. This project is currently exploring ways of enhancing backyard composting, organic diversion from landfill through community composting, and the potential or “waste to energy” programming utilizing a methane powered generator at the Walkerton sewage treatment plant.

Members EAC, toured local facilities included the Southgate Transfer Station as well as the Alltreat composing facility in Arthur.

Coffeehouse Collective Series (CCS)

Join us for Coffeehouse Collective in KincardineHaving just hosted a coffeehouse at Rabbit Dash in Port Elgin, planning is currently underway for an event in Kincardi ne on Thursday July 23rd at the Bean’s Bistro in the downtown as well as at the Hanover Youth Activity and Tech Centre in September. The CCS continues to be an incredible gathering of local and regional “activists” who are involved in projects that contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of our communities. The musical performances and great food simply add to the fun and community building that happens at these events.

Participants at the Port Elgin event included: Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre – Fore The Planet; Friends of MacGregor Point – Wild for the Arts; Saugeen First Nations, Ki-n D’e’ Forest Garden Project; GC Houston, Outdoor Classroom; Twilight Teepee Market; SauGreen – Trees for Saugeen; Saugeen Shores Business Enterprise Centre – Youth Entrepreneurship Program; Butterfly Gardens; Town of Saugeen Shores Environmental Speaker Series. As you can see, plenty of exciting things going on in the neighbourhood.

Special thanks go out to Zoltan Stewart (Hepworth) and Slayde Millar (Kincardine) for providing great tunes and to Rabbit Dash for hosting the event.

Sustainable Living Workshops (SLW)

Plans are currently underway to host a 3rd SLW at the Riverstone Retreat site near Durham on Saturday September 12, 2015. A variation on the first 2 events, the fall event will be focussed on “alternative building design and construction” and provide a full day’s worth of “hands-on” experiential learning with skilled workshop leaders; stay tuned!

Film Plastic Recycling Pilot Project

The Brockton Film Plastic Pilot Project has successfully complete its first year of operation. This program has been delivered via a partnership between GBSusNet and Brockton’s Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) with financial support from Bruce Power. The film plastics program was quickly embraced by the residents of Brockton with over 10,000 lbs of material collected, baled and shipped within the initial year of operation. The goal of the program moving forward is to assist other communities throughout Grey Bruce implement their own programs. To date, information has been shared with Bruce County, West Grey, Southgate, Meaford and provincial stewardship organizations.

Grey Bruce Climate Action (formerly SAM)

Launched April 2020 in partnership with the Climate Action Team (CAT) Grey Bruce, this new resource is available for all who want to make a difference locally:

This site is for everyone who wants to live in a more climate-resilient Grey-Bruce. It provides various ways you can act on the climate crisis, tailored for busy lives.  It is geared to environmentalism in general: climate change, biodiversity, food security, soil health and general care for the planet. 


Stay Tuned….call us!


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