Senior’s e-Waste Deconstruction Project

Brucelea Haven Long Term Home in Walkerton has agreed to host the e-waste deconstruction project and financial support is being provided by the Community Foundation Grey Bruce. Thankyou.

The purpose of this project is to use the talents of residents at Brucelea to assist in the deconstruction of used, discarded computers into their various materials to then be re-used or recycled.

“Brucelea Haven is dedicated to providing residents with meaningful activities that tap into their past skills and strengths. Many gentlemen residing at BLH were past handymen or worked in a trade profession. With declines in physical abilities, often completing a handyman type project that they are proud of is challenging. As such we felt that we could use their past strengths and skills in another capacity that will allow them to feel helpful and the task meaningful. Deconstructing electronic items for recycling would be rewarding, purposeful and tap into their past skills. The end product would be satisfying as they would have accomplished their goal and the appearance of the final product would not be an issue.  These gentlemen have a lot to offer and the idea of deconstructing and sorting materials to aid in the recycling process could be a very satisfying task for the residents, as well as helping the community recycling program. We would welcome the opportunity to participate in such a program as we feel that it would benefit the community and empower the resident of BLH to give back to the community through this environmentally friendly recycling project.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.”

Shelley LeBlanc

Recreation & Leisure Services Manager

Brucelea Haven, Long Term Care Home

Check out the video link to find out more about the Senior’s e-waste project


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