Geodesic Dome REPORT

Geodesic Greenhouse Workshop June 10th draft report

On Saturday, June 10th 2017 a Geodesic Greenhouse Workshop was held at Crickhollow Farm near Neustadt, Ontario. The event was part of a series of Sustainable Living Workshops (SLW) was developed and delivered by the Grey Bruce Sustainability Network (GBSusNet) in partnership with Bruce Power,  Crickhollow Farm and Evolve Builders Inc.

Prior to the workshop, footings were dug approximately 2 ft. below grade to form a solid base to support the greenhouse’s metal frame.

The day began with an overview of the event, introduction of the participant’s, session leader property owner and GBSusNet coordinators. A total of 18 individuals gather together for the workshop representing a wide range of interests and ages. A number of the participants attended the workshop with the notion of potentially creating some form of greenhouse structure to be completed on their own properties in the future.

A short discussion of the philosophy of Crickhollow Farm was followed by a PowerPoint presentation profiling the assembly process and advantages of geodesic greenhouse construction.

Session leader Chris Vander Hout, a renowned local green builder coordinated the assembly of the dome’s metal frame. The construction effort required many hands as metal tubes were bolted together in triangular shapes to create the Dome. The key to the successful creation of the structure was teamwork and a strict adherence to the instructions to ensure the proper sequence of tubes were connected.

Once the metal frame of the geodesic dome was completed the group gathered for a wonderful lunch prepared by Kim Quizno of the Food Doc who skillfully created a great vegetarian meal utilizing a variety of local ingredients.

Following lunch the task of covering the metal frame of the geodesic dome with a translucent and resilient plastic material began. Participants skillfully cut the fabric sections by overlaying the plastic on a template created by the session leader prior to the workshop. Once cut the plastic pieces were then attached to the metal frame utilizing a specialized heavy duty tape. The plastic skin of the Dome resembled an extremely resilient and thick bubble plastic. This translucent material will allow light to penetrate the Dome while at the same time retaining Heat to assist with the growth of plants. Unfortunately there was not sufficient material available on the day of the event to completely wrap the greenhouse future work bees will be utilized to finish the structure.

Once completed the greenhouse will be used to extend the growing Seasons both in the spring and the fall for plants raised on the farm. The Dome will also be used as a relaxing meditation space for the residents of the property.

The legacy of the greenhouse Workshop will be a completed geodesic dome structure that will enhance food production and ultimately toured by those interested in learning and possibly creating geodesic Greenhouse structures of Their Own.

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