Geodesic Greenhouse Workshop June 2017


Done, more or less ;-)

Done, more or less 😉

Ok, wrap it up.

Ok, wrap it up.

Now for the foundation

Now for the foundation

Time for a food break...

Time for a food break…

Getting Close

Getting Close



Watch your step...

Watch your step…

OK, it's working now

OK, it’s working now

A + B + CC + DD .....

A + B + CC + DD …..

Ok, here's how we do it!

Ok, here’s how we do it!

Opening session in the Barn

Opening session in the Barn

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Workshop

Crickhollow Farm, 221803 Conc 14, Neustadt, ON, N0G 2M0

Saturday, June 10 – 8:30 to 5:00 PMGreenhouse Image

Workshop Goals: The goal of the workshop is to provide people with information about how to build a geodesic dome greenhouse by helping to install one at Crickhollow. Crickhollow will use
the greenhouse for efficient seedling starting in early spring for the market garden, providing a space for relaxation in the summer for the family and visitors, and a place to grow greens in the winter for the family. There is also opportunity to learn about the herb garden and the market garden.

Learn from Research that Chris and Rosemary have done on how to choose the kind of geodesic dome that is right for you. Get involved in hands on as we construct the dome and take in the setting of a biodynamic herb and vegetable garden.

Ecological Construction Expert – Chris Vander Hout, Evolve Builders

Host Rosemary Crick, Crickhollow

Cost $25.00 Includes Lunch and Snacks!

To Register email or phone 519-881-0884 (Bruce Davidson)




Food Sensitivities:

Thanks to Bruce Power for their support of this event.



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