Sustainable Living Workshop

Kimbercote Farm, Beaver Valley
Saturday, October 25, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Join us for a day long Sustainable Living Workshop (SLW) at Kimbercote Farm Ontario.
316362 3rd Line C, RR#1 Heathcote, ON, CANADA N0H1N0 (519) 599-5885
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The purpose of the day is to expose interested people to a range of activities and
skills required to build and maintain a “sustainable living” or “permaculture”
home and community in Grey Bruce. Through several “hands on” workshops
sessions, led by local resource people, participants will get a “taste” of old and
new approaches to living in harmony with nature, reducing your carbon footprint and eating a healthy diet while
sustaining the planet.

The sessions will focus on the following themes:

Friction Fire! Humanities connection to fire is as old as humanity itself. It has been used to
keep us warm and cook our food, It kept us safe from large predators in ancient times and has
lit up the night allowing us to see and work into the later hours. Although human kind doesn’t
depend on the open fire we used to, fire is still very much a part of our modern lives. We will
be learning how to make friction fire, while we learn more about and deepen our relationship
with fire at the SLW this October.

Edible Landscapes 

Kristine demonstrates the basics of raised bed planting, with seed blocks

Kristine demonstrates the basics of raised bed planting, with seed blocks – SLW #1

The end goal is a garden that provides a wide diversity of very

healthy food while it builds soil, sequesters carbon and provides habitat for
native fauna. Ben will lead a detailed discussion on ecological garden design
based on specific site conditions and hardy perennial edibles, with samples of
some of his autumn-harvested food from his home gardens.

Natural Build – Earth Plaster Straw Bale Construction Demo.

Earth Plastering at Sustainable Living Workshop at EDALE in Big Bay

Earth Plastering at Sustainable Living Workshop at EDALE in Big Bay

This introductory session will focus on earthen plasters and offer insight into the building
science, building code, aesthetic, and practical considerations of using locally sourced,
natural materials on any scale of project. Prepare to get your hands dirty as well, for we
will have some time to learn from the best teacher…..the materials themselves as we
prepare and apply a sample.

Eat What You Have in Season!!!

Learn and get a taste of what it means to use what’s in your garden and cold cellar to prepare delicious meals in your own kitchen. This session will be in the kitchen at Kimbercote preparing mid day drinks and snacks, lunch and PM snacks and refreshments using locally sourced, edible plants. Take some recipes and new ideas home with you. Experience creative uses of locally sourced seasonal veggies that may include sorrel in salads, combining nutritional ingredients you may otherwise avoid by magically transforming them into veggie burgers, and making the most of fruit you find for free.

Workshop Session Leaders

Friction Fire – Mac Osborn is the office manager at Sticks and Stones Wilderness School located at our host site Kimbercote Farm. He is currently participating in a 6 month apprenticeship course focussed on wilderness survival. He is passionate about the importance of living lightly on the earth and his youthful enthusiasm is truly inspiring.

Edible Landscapes – Leader Ben Caesar runs Fiddlehead Nursery, which hosts workshops and provides plants and other resources for edible landscapes. Ben designs edible landscapes that mimic natural ecosystems, using long-lived plants such as fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, perennial vegetables and salad greens, vines and tubers, and combines them in such a way as to reduce competition and maximize cooperation. These gardens become very low-maintenance over time, and self-fertile through the use of fertility-enhancing plants such as nitrogen-fixing trees and shrubs.

Natural Build – Straw Bale Earth Plaster – Joshua Thornton has been involved in natural building since 1996. He has extensive experience as project manager, designer, builder, and instructor. Josh has been a maker of things for a long time! Having attended a visual arts high school and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design, he found himself in the position of developing skills to make things for a living. Joshua specializes in timber framing, straw clay infill systems and design, but has been known to push a plaster trowel, build a few rocket stoves, and stack some stone too!
Eat What You Have – Daniel Vandervoort is a farm apprentice at Kolapore Gardens in the Town of the Blue Mountains where a biologically intensive diversity of organically grown vegetables are produced on less than 2 acres for their community shared agriculture members and two local farmers’ markets in Collingwood and Clarksburg. Daniel has experience in preparing ecologically grown food for meals on the farm and as an activist in Toronto for small and large gatherings.

Schedule of Activities
8:00 AM – 8:30 Registration, Coffee, intros and session descriptions
8:30 – 9:00 Kimbercote Tours – 2 groups
9 – 10:30 1st Concurrent 90 minute session (All 4 Themes begin!!!)
10:30 – Noon 2nd Concurrent 90 minute session
Noon – 1:30 LUNCH and downtime!!! or not!
1:30 – 3:00 PM 3rd Concurrent 90 minute session
3:00 – 4:30 4th Concurrent 90 minute sessions
4:30 – 5:00 Wrap up and social connections

Registration – Cost $30.00 Includes Lunch 20 PERSON LIMIT – it fills up fast !! (payment at the event)

Simply email – or phone 519-889-0695 with:
Phone #:
Specific Area of Interest and/or Expertise:

For further information please contact GBSusNet GM Barry Randall @ 519-889-0695 or or visit

NOTE: Weekend accommodation (Friday and Sat Night) is available, first come first served, at Kimbercote for $35.00 per night. Let us know if you’re interested.
Thanks to Bruce Power for supporting our event.

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